Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ann Peebles - Part Time Love


I haven't really gotten the chance to get into this much. but i thought id share.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Favorite...

This could be the greatest "Uhhs" i have ever heard in a song, followed by the laughs. Also a great all around song to. You can also hear the beginning of this song scattered around many hip hop beats. check it out.

Funk inc. - Superfunk


My favorite track off this album has to be "just dont mean a thing" what do you think?
also make sure to pick the drums up off the track "im going to love you"

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Temptations - Solid Rock


Common - The Corner (from the song "What it is")
Anything Else???

Boon Doc also used a song for his youtube video seen here VVV.
(The Second Beat)

Ready For the World - 45


Now this is kind of a guilty pleasure for me haha, but its just to good to not like.

But the wierd thing for me is that the fellas are from Flint Michigan, but have some pretty wild accents.

Dexter Wansel - Voyager


Now this is such a funky record, it seems like it was made for the french to turn into a dance hit. check it.

Manchild - Power and Love


This is definitely one of my favorite records. But my favorite tracks are "Especially for you", "We need we", and "You get what you give."

Samples: Alchemist used the cut "especially for you" for Prodigy feat. Kokane - i betcha.

Jerry Butler - The Sagittarius Movement